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Terms and Conditions

  • Additional Fees

You agree to provide accurate information when requesting a Service to assist us in determining the fees for your Service. At our sole discretion, when we arrive at your home, there may be additional fees for time and scope if we determine additional time is needed to complete your Service. We will communicate any such changes before providing the Service. 


Zillow will confirm the information provided about your home. Pricing is subject to change if any information is inaccurate.

  • Arrival windows


We use arrival windows for any unforeseen delays (Traffic) to ensure a more convenient experience for you.

  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


This is a non-refundable service. We will do everything to give you the best cleaning experience possible. So, if you are unhappy, call or email us within 24 hours of your service, and we'll send someone to make things right. That's our promise to you!​ For any issues with your Service, you may report your complaint to

  • Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel your scheduled appointment , Customers are entitled to One Free Cancellation. 

For Subsequent Canceled appointments, a $25.00 Cancellation fee will be applied.

  • Discounts & Promotional Marketing

All discounts and Promotional codes must be rescheduled before the Expiration date on that Promotional or Discount.


You permit TJ's Affordable Cleaning Services to take pictures of your home for promotional purposes. 

  • Ongoing Services Policy

We are delighted to offer ongoing services to our valued customers. To ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience, we have implemented the following policies regarding ongoing services :

  1. One Free Cancellation:

  • Each customer is entitled to one free cancellation for ongoing services. This allows flexibility for unforeseen circumstances or changes.                                                                                    

    2. Subsequent Cancellations:

  • For Subsequent Cancellations, a $25.00 Cancellation fee will be applied.  

    3. Cancellation Process:​

  • To cancel ongoing services, please contact our customer service team via []. They will guide you through the cancellation process and address any queries.

    4. Rate Adjustments:​

  • In the event of a cancellation followed by a re-initiation of ongoing services, the customer will be charged the current service rate. Subsequent cancellations will be subject to the current rate of ongoing service.

    5. Notification Period:​

  • We appreciate advance notice for cancellations whenever possible. If an appointment is canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled service, a $25.00 cancellation fee will be applied.

     6. Exceptional Circumstances:​

  • We understand that there may be exceptional circumstances. If your situation warrants special consideration, please contact our customer service team to discuss your case. 

      7. Schedule Cleaning Services:

  • Ongoing services are only allowed to be scheduled Monday through Thursday.



  • Parking Fees

Parking fees will be added to your Service for the actual cost of parking for our cleaning staff. A receipt will be shown to the customer. You may coordinate and provide our cleaning staff with a parking pass or permit. ​​

  • Payments 

You authorize TJ's Affordable Cleaning Services to charge the credit card(s) on file by booking a service.


All invoice payments are due by the end of the business day at 7:00 PM. There is a late fee of $25 per day if paid late.


We do not offer refunds, and there are no exceptions to the refund policy.


All Credit card payments will have a $7.00 processing fee added

  •  Right to Refuse Service

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. We also reserve the right to deny service to certain areas of your home at our sole discretion. 

  • Water & Electricity

We require water and electricity to be run in your home so that we can provide services. 


  • We Do Not 

We do not remove mold. We do not use bleach. We do not clean human or animal feces or other bodily excrements.


We do not clean walls 

By using any of our services, you understand and accept these terms and conditions. We strive to provide exceptional service and appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines.

Thank you for choosing TJ's Affordable Cleaning Services 

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